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    Hydro-Rain Style Guide

    Hydro-Rain Branding Guide published December 14th 2021

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    BOND 2022 Price List

    Selection of BOND products available to Hydro-Rain Distributors with list prices.

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    Hydro-Rain Catalog

    Hydro-Rain Catalog 98129C (98129-02 published 02-15-2024)

  • We understand that time is money, so our products are designed to save you time. Whether it is programming a controller, installing the system, or adjusting the system, our products go together faster and easier.

    You have better things to do than doing a job twice. Every product we sell goes through rigorous testing before we put our name on it.

    Have a problem with one of our products? We want to know about it. If any product fails within three years, we will replace it. And we’ll probably ask to have that failed product back, so we can make it better.

    The heart of Hydro-Rain values are integrity, fair dealing, and lasting relationships between manufacturer, distributor, and contractor. We want to build lasting relationships that benefit all parties.